Monday, January 31, 2022

Pencil Pouch

Leonora knows both my love of cute and my love of writing instruments. She saw this lovely little pencil pouch and got it for me. I'm using it now, and I love it. Thank you!

On The Fifth

Started on the fifth frog now. He's green and yellow and there's not much of him visible.


Two Lines Done

Another FoFs started, and two lines done. This one is going to be in Old English to be kid safe. Coming along pretty well.


Sunday, January 30, 2022

Sleepy Bois

Two puppy boys sleeping in their own ways.


Kalampaka View

Top is a panorama, bottom is a zoom. They're of the view of Meteora from our apartment in Kalambaka. 


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Fabric From Lisa

Once we move and I can get to my sewing machine, I am going to make something from the beautiful fabric that Lisa gave me.


#1 of 22: Raccoon Runner by Rico

My first start of the year was a big table runner. Not quite sure why I chose this. But it's started.


#2 of 22: Crystal Square by Ink Circles

This is turning out pretty neat. It's almost halfway done, and it's one of my 22 for 2022.


Big Mural

This is the giant battle scene mural on the outside of the Skenderbeu museum in Kruje. It's pretty awesome to look at.


Three Friends

Grayson being a role model to Toby and Loki as Leonora trains them. They're all good buddies.


Saturday, January 22, 2022


The fencing and the center of this corner are done. I have a little bit more plus smoke to go.


Four Gates

Done with the cross stitches on part two and time to start the final part. Still working on a lot of backstitching, though.


Winter FabFitFun

I love the little tea set. Lots of kitchen items here.


Grayson Sits

Photos of Grayson sitting in different places. Leonora and Andreas take excellent photos of the most photogenic dog.


Hotel Balcony

Some more photos from the balcony of the room we had in Kruje. Different views.


Thursday, January 06, 2022

A Bit Disappointed

This will never fit on the button that came with the kit, so I guess I just have a little motif.


On To The Background

Time for the background on this, since I have all the peppers done. Much more background than design on these things.


Bottling Along

The bottle is getting more done, but there's quite a bit to do. On the bright side, another leaf is about finished.