Saturday, May 30, 2020

Squaring The Star

Filling on the in between of the middle square now. I like how this is looking.

One And A Half

One and a half of the big flowers done. It's coming along, if slowly.

Steak Dinner

We had a very nice lunch on our last day in Colorado, with our friend Erin and with Florine and Saint. The place was a bit weird and historical - something about it having been donated by Uzbekistan to Boulder. Food was very good, too.

Church Mural

This is the mural on the church next to Fontanelle ossuary.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Progress Attained

I feel like I'm making progress on this! I've got quite a way to go, but I'm at a different area than gown and stripes now.

Joy - Stitch Maynia #14

The blue at the bottom is not part of the design. I'm reusing a piece of fabric. The design was a freebie from Banu, who had to close her business because of a change in Turkish business law. 

Colorado Snow

We went to visit the Lehtinens in Colorado while on home leave, and Colorado responded by snowing for us!

More Ossuary

This is more of the Fontanelle cemetery. You can see from some of the window shots that it's just a building. The building is on the grounds of a church and has very little underground. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Dragged This Up

This is Knightmare, from a stitch maynia a few years ago. It's a pretty big project, so it's up in the rotation for a bit.

Fontanelle Cemetery

This place is in the middle of a middle class neighborhood, older neigborhood. It's literally a hole in a wall. The cemetery was built because of a cholera? epidemic in the late nineteenth century. The dead were brought here because there was no where to bury so many. Over the years the bones have been arranged and tended to, and there are several chapels. It's just weird.

Sad Puppies

Grayson and Carol see the suitcases and are sad. They are sad because, on the trip they are looking at, we were gone six weeks. We missed them too. But we have an excellent dog sitter.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Just Do Your Best - Stitch Maynia #12

This is one of my cozyblue pieces. I don't really like the colors or style. but it looks like a quick stitch. It will go to someone else when completed!

Meeting In The Middle

The middle area where tails are coming down to is basically the middle of the piece. So, definite progress!


The first frog got some gray bits this time, along with a yellow line.

Curled Up Carol

Just snoozing her little heart away. By the end of October, all the brown on her face had come out.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Bee Well - Stitch Maynia #11

This is my beginning from Blackberry Rabbit. Shouldn't take more than two or three sessions more to finish.

Christmas Ornament #1 - Stitch Maynia #10

I've decided to only do bonus ornaments from this year's Linen and Threads stitchalong. This is the first one. Colors from stash, and ones I am wanting to get used up.