Tuesday, January 21, 2020


My bird has a key to wind it up. Lots of progress, but lots of back stitch to do.

One Head

I have one head of four done, but no tentacles yet.

Got A Christmas Gift

I asked for this for Christmas and Andreas got it for me! Now to finish up a few others so I can start this!

Giant Dinner at Liburnia

There were thirty of us in September when we went to Liburnia. Food was great, service was wonderful, and everyone got to try authentic Kosovo food.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Down To Cooper's

I love Cooper's prime rib. Unfortunately, they only sell it on certain days. We went one of those days before we left Fort Worth. The prime rib was great. The beef rib, not so much to my taste. But we both enjoyed our meals!

Food Gift

One of our neighbors owns a local supermarket chain. The family gave each house in the neighborhood a gift. Nice of them!

Snowflake Started

Snowflake's visible, barely, on the right. Face is done and the body is well begun, too.

Starting To Spin

I'm almost halfway done with this.  Bit of a fits and starts thing, but getting there.

Burger At Sen5s

Andreas claims these burgers taste pretty good despite being Balkanized.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Last On Right

The last snowflake on the right is done, and I am getting closer to a finish on this. Lots of tree trunk to go, though.

Reddit Christmas Exchange

Once again I participated in the Reddit Christmas exchange. The sender was so thoughtful and considerate, and I will use everything!

Started Beading

I started beading my Play Ball, as I'm closing in on finishing  the cross stitching. This is about to become my daily stitch so I can knock it out.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Pet Photo

Leonora, our dog sitter, gave us this lovely framed photo as a new year gift. It's now sitting proudly on my desk. From left to right, Mattie, Grayson, Carol, and Chad. Our darlings.

My New Year Start

I decided to do a small project for this year. The idea is to finish it this year, preferably in the first half. It's a Chatelaine design, one of the mini mandalas. One day's work isn't too shabby.

Six And A Half

Six and a half butterflies to go. I am certainly not keeping this. I start samplers and get bored with them. Not the fault of the designer at all.

Fondue Fire

We had our (very) belated anniversary dinner at Simply Fondue in Sundance Square.  As these photos show, I do light my marshmallows on fire. Food was good, company was better.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Grey And Orange

I crashed off the color scale for snowflakes, but it looks pretty good. And it's done. And gifted.

Started The Sixth

The sun is shining on the sixth house.

Beginning The Meadow

The very bottom of the middle has the fence of the sheep meadow coming in. I feel good with progress.

Esperanza For Lunch Again

We did Esperanza's again before leaving Fort Worth, and I fajitas instead of caldo de res. Esperanza's is sooo good.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Got Arm

Beginning of an arm and more flag done. I am getting to the top, slowly but better than not at all.

Silk Mill And November Jodyri

Andreas took one photos of two kinds of stash. The Silk Mill thread came in one package and the fabric and threads in another ... 

Beginning The Key

The key on the bird's back started now. It's a bit to do, but coming along.

Color Changing Drink

Game Theory Bar has board games and color changing drinks! I had one. It was a novelty, but it tasted pretty good, too.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Yay, Motifs!

The moon's done, the leaves almost done, and the owl started. Yay!

Sisley Ornamented

This has been gifted and it's done done. I think it turned out rather well.

Nine Patch Ornament

A little bit of cross stitch, a little bit of beads, and voila! an ornament is made.

German In Fort Worth

Knowing how much Andreas likes German food, we went to Edelweiss. It's kind of like walking into the 1970's, Wurlitzer organ and all. The food was good, though, and plentiful. We enjoyed it.