Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Stitch Maynia #21: Crocus Quartet

I've had this kit for several years and have been wanting to start it, so I took this opportunity to do so.

Stitch Maynia #20: Arranging The Kitchen Aids

Another Ink Circles start. This one is for the kitchen and not too large.

Fiberlicious May

This was my May Fiberlicious shipment. I love the color of the fabric.


This old submarine is sitting rusting near a quay in Amsterdam. Sadness.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Stitch Maynia #17: Dala Horse

This is started, too. It's a horse, of course.

Two! Two Pillars!

Both pillars now started on this, and a lot to go. Since I didn't have one of the DMC colors called for when I needed it, I went ahead and ordered all in the pattern. Thread arrived yesterday.

Extra Fabric

This color of fabric makes me happy, so I bought an extra piece in 40 count.

Christmas Leftovers

All the empty bottles. A lot of people came over, so don't judge.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Summer Fab Fit Fun

Lots of jewelry, a few bowls, and a kimono this time. Going to use most of it and give the kimono away because I think it's too small. Love the little bowls.


This is getting close to done, too. Time for the possum to be lettered.

Daily For A Bit

This was my daily project for much of May. You can see a lot of progress and how it's almost done.

Playing Machi Koro

We played Machi Koro for the first time in Amsterdam, with a German language deck. I never win, but it's fun to play.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

One Side Backstitched

Finally, the top side is backstitched. Yay! And the bottom is on the second half.

Another Line Started

I've got another line started on this alphabet. This one is very traditional, but not my type.

Pretty Earrings

Our dog sitter noticed I like earrings (it must be the 200 pair around the house), and bought these for me. They're cute and lightweight and match a lot of my outfits!

Christmas Walk In Amsterdam

Playing and walking around the neighborhood in Amsterdam on a (finally) pretty day. The first week we were there, it rained every day.

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Christmas Eve Breakfast

I made these crescent roll danishes for Christmas eve breakfast after we went to the commissary the day before.

Two Thirds Maybe?

It looks like I'm about two thirds done with this. There's a LOT of stitching in it. On the other hand, it's looking pretty good and when I work on it, I see progress.

Stich Maynia #19: Wildflower Heart

Top of one lobe about done on this. I like the colors I chose.

Over The Canal

Overlooking the canal by where we were staying and watching the duck leave ripples in the stillness on a beautiful morning.

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Dutch Road Food

There is a chain I've only seen at Dutch rest stops. It's got hot food ready and healthy to eat, and you pick and sit down and eat. Not a bad concept - if you can find the person to pay.

Stitch Maynia #18: Bright Idea

 This is the beginning of yet another Ink Circles. Can you believe I still have some unstarted charts?

Stitch Maynia #16: Solar System

Mercury rising on the fabric. 

Cologne At Night

A photo from one side of the Rhein to the other. Cologne can look pretty at night, even in bad weather.

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Stitch Maynia #15: Snow is Coming!

One day's work and I'm almost halfway done. The opalescent fabric is hard to work on!

Stitch Maynia #14: Athena Noctua

There is an Ink Circles theme this year. This one is for Andreas, who loves owls.

Glossy Box May

This box was better than usual from Glossy, but I've decided to take a break. I have to work my way through all the stuff I have.

Heather In Amsterdam

The Dutch have decided to use hardy heather to brighten up short winter days in Amsterdam. We saw it in several flower boxes.

Monday, June 03, 2019

Stitch Maynia #13: Spin Cycle

This little freebie from Ink Circles is going to use up one of my Jodyri skeins.

Stitch Maynia #12: Framed: Sisley

I got the outer border of this done. Now to fill it in.

Runner Kit

I saw this kit on the Sew and So site and thought it was so pretty and cheerful I bought it.

Same Statue

Same statue as the night one I posted last week. You can see how cloudy it was. Andreas took it from this angle because it reminded him of someone.

Saturday, June 01, 2019

Stitch Maynia #2: Take Good Care

This didn't get photographed at the right time, so it's out of sequence. I'm making it for a friend.

Still More Dress

Lots of dress done and much more to do. Folds near the flag are done this time.

Crewelwork Kit

This is a kit from Sew and So for their crewelwork heart stitchalong. Time to get cracking on it.

More Goulash For Me

I think I ate goulash at every opportunity while we were in Cologne. The weather lent itself to that. So here's my goulash and Andreas' sauerbraten lunches.