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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Superior Grill

We had to go to Shreveport to pick up the puppy and evil cats before leaving the country.  While there, we had dinner with Andreas' parents at Superior Grill.  They've changed their menu some.  We shared the nachos.  I had barbacoa tacos and Andreas had enchiladas, as did his mother.  His father had chili rellenos.  The food was pretty good, but I wish we had Mexican here.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Frou Frou Food

 On our drive from Texas to Tennessee, we were required to make a detour to Shreveport for lunch.  The lunch was at Fred's, a frou frou pizza and sandwich place.  It's another one of those restaurants that pretends to be more than it is.  I had the pumpkin soup, which tasted like it had some chili powder in it - not bad, but not what I really wanted in pumpkin soup - and a sandwich.  The sandwich was because there was no pizza I could find that I would have liked.  If you're going to run a pizza place, you should at least have one "pick your own toppings from below" choice on the menu.  The sandwich was greasy, which wasn't a surprise because it was cheese and salami in a panini (no choices on the sandwiches either).  Andreas' salad was good - I ate some of the actual green stuff, since he avoids it.  He also liked his pizza.

The service was good and the atmosphere noisy, but it was the end of the lunch hour. 

Monday, July 30, 2012


 On our last evening in Louisiana in May, we went to Silver Star Barbecue.  I'm always up for barbecue, and, even though they weren't photographed, we had fried pickles too.  If you haven't tried fried pickles dipped in ranch dressing, I recommend you do so!  Both Andreas' parents had ribs.  I had sliced beef with onion rings, and Andreas had sausage.

The sliced beef was well smoked, if a little dry, so I just used more sauce.  It wasn't too peppery and had a slightly spicy flavor.  Onion rings were on the sweet side, which is the way I like them.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sandwiches For Lunch

 Andreas' parents really like this new salad and sandwich chain called Newk's, so when I said I had a craving for sub sandwiches, we went there for lunch.  Granted, they were good, but they weren't subs.  I never did get that craving satisfied last visit to the US.  Maybe next summer.  

What Andreas' parents really like about the place is the huge salads.  They shared the one pictured at bottom.  I liked my sandwich; it was well made and not understuffed.  On top of that, they had a bar of pickles, olives, and peppers that you could put on your sandwich.  It just wasn't a sub.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Japanese in Shreveport

 After driving back to Shreveport from Florida, we had dinner with Andreas' parents at Yokohama, a strip mall restaurant on Youree street.  This is possibly the least upscale-looking Japanese restaurant I've ever been in.  Looking at the actual food  presentation, though, you can see they don't skip on the portion sizes or plate look.  The foo was very good tasting; I had one of the two hibachi dishes at the bottom - the steak one.  The meat was not overdone, and the sauce had a little bit of tang in the sweet.  Veggies were al dente and fresh.  

Andreas' parents had the plates that came in divided boxes.  They're combinations of sushi and other things.  Since I don't like fish, I skipped that.  They do get extra points from me, though, on their presentation.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Last Of The Flowers

 These are the last of the flowers from the American Rose Center.  Yes, the roses in the pictures are beautiful, but we had to look hard for them.  The plants were not well pruned, dead headed, or watered regularly, from the looks of it.  The  grounds are unkempt (notice the lack of landscapes in these sets) and the place has the general look of falling into dishabille.  Thank you to Andreas for being able to find the golden flakes in the dross.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Some Artistic Flowers

 Somehow, Andreas manages to make the most mundane photos interesting with his camera.  Of course, these flowers aren't mundane, but he certainly brings out their best.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Rose And a Lobelia

 More photos from the American Rose Center.  There's a reason there are no pictures of masses of roses in bloom: there weren't any.  It was hard finding roses to take pictures of, but the ones Andreas did get turned out really well.