Monday, February 17, 2020

February ZenPop

Cute little space stuff, including a nice ruler. Off to write more...

All Spun Up

The piece is done, but I think the contrast is too great to truly show off the pattern.

All TheColors

I've used all the colors. This is one of the more dense of the cozyblues, so it's going to take me longer.

Oliva Pizza

Random pizza place during a walk to and from the ossuary. It was as good as the top rated one to me.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Not Sure...

I'm not sure what grew on this in the last stitching session. But I know it grew.

Back To Birding

Back to the bird. Almost halfway done, even.

December Zenpop

I love opening and discovering my stationery boxes. I need to write more, though, to use all the stuff.

Andreas' Favorite

Andreas actually drank some of this wine. He likes moscato.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Purse Project

This is my current purse project. It'll have to migrate into the rotation when it's time to bead, but for now it fits nicely in the purse.

All Keyed Up

The bird has its key. This is coming along rather quickly now that it's my daily project.

Lion Brand Sale

None of these yarns (including the whole boxful) were more than three dollars a skein. Thank you Lion Brand for the great sale.

Delicious Pastries

I am a sucker for pastries, and Naples has so many wonderful bakeries. These were bought down the street from the apartment and were not only very pretty and beautifully wrapped, they tasted exquisite, too!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Waste Knot Stash

Last of the stash I bought on home leave. On the next to last day, even.

Almost Starred

Only the tips of two more points to go, then I can start filling in the bluebonnets.

To The Teacup

Yay, I'm on the bottom half! The teacup is beginning to take shape.

Look What We Found

There was a Polish/Ukrainian store down the block from our apartment. It's not zlata, but it's still good. It's the pine needle version. Bought a bunch of sausage too.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Nearing The Drain

Spin Cycle is almost done. It'll be turned into an ornament when it's done.

Snowflake Tree Done

There's a lot more contrast in this in person, and it looks pretty cute. Andreas doesn't like it, though, so it will be gifted to someone. 

Tree Circled

This tree is all ready to be gifted to someone. Haven't decided whom yet.

Naples Best Pizza?

We went to Pizza Starita a Materdei one evening because it was supposedly the very best pizza in Naples. We... couldn't tell the difference. The sandwich appetizer was very good. The pizza seemed the same as on the street.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Ball Played

One more finish down. I'm still not sure if I like it. Seems to look better at a distance than close up.

January Stitchy Box Fabric

I love the color of this fabric and will be using it soon.

Middle Fill

The middle is almost all filled in! 

Modern Italian Dinner

We had a very good dinner at a modern Italian restaurant not too far from our apartment. The squash blossoms were especially delicious.

Sunday, February 09, 2020

More Texas Ornaments

Two more Texas ornaments to work on. The longhorn and the jalapenos.

Slow Going

This piece is coming along pretty slowly. One petal done on the right this time, but slow. It's because it's so very wide at this point.

Owl Eyes

My owl has eyes! And I'm so happy to not be doing only the border anymore.

Pizza On A Terrace In Pompeii

We went to Pompeii on a bright, sunny April day. It was a perfect day. But, of course, there are tourist traps everywhere, and one of them is the food concession area there. Our pizzas tasted very good, but they were about twice the price of anywhere else in the area.

Friday, February 07, 2020

Half The Eighth

Half of the eighth square is done now. I feel like I'm slowing down.

Working On Bigger Flowers

About halfway done with the sampler now and working on the big central motif.

Texas Flag

For some reason they sent me two copies of this canvas. I'll be doing the blue background one...

Meal At Home

Picked all this up at the grocery store and had a great lunch of stuff we can't get in Kosovo.