Saturday, December 31, 2016

Trash All Around

Angola has some beautiful views and countryside.  Unfortunately, it's almost always besmudged by trash.  This makes me sad and depressed.

About Halfway!

I am liking this band because it's got few repeats and quite a bit of variety.  I'm also nearly halfway done with it!

Kendal Abbey

 For December, England was really green.  We did get rained on in Kendal, but we braved it to take photos of the pretty church and Victorian cross in front of it.

Friday, December 30, 2016

No Joy

This piece does not give me any joy, and I've nothing to do with it once it's done, so it's getting abandoned.  I've decided to do a bit more of this so I can work on what I like to work on instead of feeling obliged to finish something I don't want to do.

Slightly Better

This is about as good as an urban view gets in Angola.  The street isn't too crowded.  The litter isn't piled up past your head, and there are people trying to do things.  The buildings still look dirty and on the edge of collapse, and the only good road is the one we're driving on.

Walk Around Kendal

On our way from Manchester to Glasgow, I made Andreas stop for lunch in Kendal.  I had to get some Kendal mint cakes!  While we were there, the day was nice and not raining yet, so we walked around town.  These photos are of the park and area after it that we walked around.  It was next to the art museum.  In the distance on some of the photos you can see the ruins of Kendal Castle.  For some reason, Andreas didn't want to go there.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Manchester Christmas Market

I got my Christmas markets this year!  Here are some pictures from Manchester.  We had a good time our first night in England wandering around the market.  Took their train from our hotel to get there.

Top Forty

For the past week I have been doing this as my daily project, so next photo will hopefully show a lot of progress.  I'm just happy that I have 40% done!

Rural To Poor Edge

Cows on the side of the road remind me of eastern Europe, but that's about all that does.  They belong to the people in the unroofed cinderblock houses pictured on the side of the road in these photos.  These are what people have been living in for years.