Monday, March 20, 2023

Still Leafing It

A few more leaves to go here, but it's getting a bit of love now.


Little Biscornu to Be

My Durene Jones freebie is all done and ready to finish into a biscornu. Maybe I will take it to finish while in the US.

Christmas Gift from ISC

Andreas' peeps got him this beautiful hand painted ornament of Wilanow Castle. 


Turn the Corner...

... and all of a sudden you see a tomb. It's not Philip's, but it's another noble.  You look down on it and it is just like it was when they discovered it.


More Abbey Sunset

All gorgeous shots of sunset with the abbey and the water.


Novi Sad Food

While in Novi Sad we found a pub that had hard cider. It was good! Those of us who got the stew had a great meal. The sausages were a good one.


Sunday, March 19, 2023

Double Barreled

Looks like guns pointing left and right.  I am right at the halfway point now, and it's beginning to feel like I am really making progress.


Almost To The Squares

The big gargoyles have more belly filled in, and there are less than ten rows to the bottom row of the squares. That means I am getting closer to being done. Lots of backstitching to do.


Golden Hinde Advent Calendar

This is the goldwork advent calendar Golden Hinde sent for Christmas 2022. It has three designs and everything to make them. 


Some Grave Goods

A few items near the entrance to the museum, gathered from the area.


Sunset at Whitby Abbey

Andreas got some great sunset photos at Whitby. The sky is amazing.