Monday, August 13, 2018

More Pop Art

As I get more of the brick stitches done, it looks more and more pop art like again.

Ulpiana Church

This area is the church and temple.  Still some very good views and a very good reconstruction of the layout.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Sky Is Falling

I'm just about done with the sky and will get to start other colors very soon.

Ulpiana Countryside

Ulpiana is in the middle of some farm fields and orchards.  These photos show how close  they are to each other.

First Skull

The first skull is completely visible now.  

Lots Of Satin Stitch

This piece is mainly satin stitch and stem stitch.  I'm almost done with the first bell.

Ulpiana North Gate

This area is the northern gate of the city itself.  The road into the city is very, very narrow!

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Blue-ing The Way

I have added more blue to the sides.  The middle "gates" are taking shape now.  The middle maze pieces are coming along a bit, too.

One Headfeather Done

Out of four headfeathers, I now have one done.  Progress is progress, and this is getting worked on now instead of being shoved in a drawer.

More Necropolis - Ulpiana

This tombstone is very well done, considering Ulpiana was not a truly major city.  It did have the designation municipia, but was merely yet another town on the trade route between the Adriatic and Constantinople.  Still, a lot of the workmanship and sheer effort put into things is impressive.

Coffee Cup

It doesn't look much like a coffee cup yet, but there is one there.

Bits Of Flowers

Nothing big finished this time, but bits and pieces of several flowers completed.  There's one big flower cluster on the left that I will tackle next.

Ulpiana Necropolis

The site of Ulpiana has been but back together very well, showing the layout of what has been dug up clearly and demarcating the boundaries of various areas.  The necropolis has several empty sarcophagi and a small chapel.  It's also just plain pretty to walk about.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Ulpiana Panorama

Ulpiana is an ancient late Roman city a few miles from our house.  It's in the process of being excavated, and the Kosovars hope to make it an eventual tourist site.  Signs are in Albanian, Serbian, and English, and it's been significantly upgraded and excavated since Andreas was there ten years ago.  This is one of the areas that was excavated so far.  It's the cemetery and attendant church just outside the town's gates.

Daily Stitching For A Week

I stitched on this a every day for a bit more than a week, and it's hard for me to see all the progress.  I know it's there, but it seems to be very slow going.  I think it's all the partial stitches.  Soon, I hope, those will be over and things will go more quickly.  On the other hand, I can see all the back stitching on the dragon's head, which really emphasizes the fans.

Friday, August 03, 2018

More Sky

It doesn't take much in the way of columns to get in three full lengths of floss stitched when you have such expansive rows to cross.  But I did it.  And now some columns are filled.

A Rainy Evening

We had a light dinner last month at a small place by the embassy.  My mojito was huge, and we split a meat and cheese platter.  I had Albanian stew.  Like almost every day in June and July, though, it rained.  Luckily we were under a glass roof, but it came down hard.  We have not been able to enjoy much outdoors this summer because of the rain.