Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Teaching Temari

In February I will teach a class in Mitrovica for an NGO. The class will start with this temari design. This is my demo piece.

Middle Belled

I have a middle bell done. This means I'm about a quarter of the way done with this.

Glossybox November

I love the box the glossybox stuff came in this month. And I will be keeping and using everything but the face masks. 

Dinner At Ciao

When you want to eat pork in Kosovo, you go to a Serbian village. One, fortunately, is a couple of miles from our house. They have a restaurant called Ciao there, and Michele and Andreas had to have pork at it. So we went. We ate. My chicken was better. The top photo is of the awesome table we sat at. Natural wood and poured acrylic.

Monday, December 10, 2018

November Fiberlicious

I love the color of the fabric on my November fiberlicious!

Filling In Flowers

More of the tiny star flowers done, and one full filled in flower. Slowly I am getting through here.

Working Across

Lots of vertical lines at the moment, so it doesn't look like I'm making a lot of progress horizontally.

Breakfast In Skopje

Andreas wanted to sleep in and we didn't consider the breakfast at the hotel to be excellent, so we explored and had breakfast at one of  the riverside restaurants. It was good.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Autumn FabFitFun

Lots of good stuff in this box. Time to use some up in the chilly weather.

Mostly Cabana'ed

Most of the cabanas are on the way to being done. They're all roofed and now need doors.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Too Much Food

On Sunday night we ordered waaay too much food. We wanted to taste a lot more things before coming home. So we did. My caprainha was pretty good, and Andreas had Pelisterka water, which is a local brand there with a neat label. I loved the onion rings. The hamburger was meh. Balkan burgers use a lot of spice in the meat; it's an old habit to hide bad meat. I don't like peppery burgers!

Middle Of The Tree

It's the middle of the tree time. Things are going fairly quickly, which I am happy about. This mandala is a bit smaller than some of the others I've done.

Little Christmas Tree

I finished this little Christmas tree into an ornament. We're not putting up any kind of tree this year, as we're away for Christmas, so it has to wait an extra year to be hung.

Boat Appetizers

A drink and an appetizer on Saturday night before we went out for dinner. The food was fried cheese - a variety I had not tried before. They put honey on it, and it was pretty good. My drink was a Long Island tea. Andreas had a rum and coke.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Birdie's Tweeting

All but the bird's feet are done. Those will have to be stitched later, after the curlicue is done. I think he looks like a pretty bird.

Working On The Center

I am working on the center motif now; it's getting to be more and more complete.

Bead Ornament

This is the first of the beaded ornament kits I bought in Prague done.  Next time, I think I'll read the directions first, or at least look at the photos.

View From The Restaurant

This was the view from our hotel's restaurant as the sun set. We were there for appetizers  and drinks before going out to dinner. Mainly because the restaurant wasn't really that good.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Stash For A New Start

It's for a civil war patriotic piece. Now to get some more done so I can start it.

Small Scatterings

Small scatterings of tiny flowers have a bit more done now.

Want Some Coffee?

I finished my little coffee square.  Time to cross another off the to do list.

It's A Crepe!

Time for the crepes! We went up a mountain outside of Skopje and found Macedonia Selo. It was a great place, and they serve great crepes.

Monday, December 03, 2018


The October Rangers box had a lunchbag, so it's my new go to for bringing in leftovers.

On To Doors

Doors are peeking out.  The colors on this make me happy. 

Blackberry Jammed

Yay, another finish! After going through a drought of finishes, I feel like I'm catching up. And this doesn't look bad at all.

"Light" Lunch

Sandwiches and soup by the river in Skopje. The weather was very nice, so we ate outside a lot.