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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Second Time Isn't Always Better

We went to Olive Garden a second time during our trip.  It was definitely not as good as the first.  In fact, it was so bad I sent a complaint to their corporate headquarters.  The Hattiesburg Olive Garden evidently has a problem with understanding how to cut and cook their food.  The steak was razor thin.  There was no way it could have been cooked medium rare as requested.  Instead, it tasted like overdone cardboard - and was burnt.  The server was very good when he was around.  He was not the person who brought our main courses, however.  Very disappointing visit.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lackluster Lunch

 On our way to Florida, we stopped for lunch at a McAlister's Deli just past Jackson, Mississippi.  It'd been ten years or so since we'd stepped foot in one, and I believe that's a pretty good amount of time between.  This is a chain throughout at least the southern US, and, frankly, it's not very good.  The food is obviously precooked and nothing seems fresh.  Andreas had soup in a bread bowl and half an Italian sandwich.  I had a French dip.  Not even the pickle spears were crisp!  It'll be another ten years before we stop in at another one of these...