Monday, October 31, 2022

Halloween Colors

I ordered a yarn grab bag from Lion Brand. This is what I got - Halloween colors. The grab bag is at least nine skeins of at least three varieties for $20. It's what I got, but I am so not a fan of orange.


More Sunflowers

Three sunflowers complete and the first three words done too!


All Striped Up

My striped skunk is done. I am hoping to get it made into the pillow it's supposed to be soon.


More Splotches

Some of the splotches are looking like leaves, but nothing yet of the red panda. 


Beautiful Artifacts

All of these were found within about 50 km of Melfi. There has been continuous settlement there since well before the classical period. So many of these are beautiful.


Random Church

I wasn't with Andreas when he took these, so I have no idea which church this is. However, it's definitely Greek Orthodox and in Athens.


Sunday, October 30, 2022

The Farm - Warsaw

The Farm is in the city center, but is a farm to table restaurant.  They have their own operation a couple of hours out of the city.  Almost everything is grown there.  The biggest thing about this place is its price.  They are proud of their food.  We had a mix of cheeses and I had lamb soup while Leonora and Andreas had cauliflower.  The soup, for some reason, had cherry tomato halves and baby squash pieces. It tasted good, but not great.

Leonora had a waygu burger because she wanted to try waygu.  Andreas had gnocci. I had a steak that I had to go back to the butcher counter to pick out. They did make it bleu, though, so that's in their favor.

Dessert was very good.  I think this place isn't worth its prices, but if you want a date night, it might be the place to go.


Back to the Left

Time to go back to the left as another row is done.


Almost Squared

All the way to the bottom on the sides, still the middle bottom to fill in.


Doors to Religion

Photos of the wedding itself from a window overlooking, the castle Melfi chapel, and bits of indoors.


Modern Athens

Photos of the more normal, homey side of Athens.


Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Bouquet from Work

My coworkers surprised me after I got out of the hospital with this wonderful huge bouquet. It was lovely and I was happily shocked. My coworkers are great.


Two Sets

Two sets of leaves down, two sets to go.



The horizontal frog is getting his spots.


View From The Top

The castle walls of Melfi give a good view of the town.


Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Olympic Stadium

Back in the early 1900's, when the Olympics were revived, the first were held in Athens. This stadium is the one built for that event. It was built on the site of another track used in ancient times and in the manner it would have been built then.