Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Stash For Making Quilt Tops

I've been buying fabric lately; time to do something with it.


Little Quilty

Betsy made a wonderful quilting design on this! Now I have to bind it. I think it'll make a good small wall hanging.


Little Pyramid

As usual, when I finally sat down to finish this, it was much easier than I anticipated. It's all made up now!


Half a Maze

I've got half my maze outlined now. And have reached the bottom!


Getting a Belly

my little green frog's belly is almost done.



My compass rose is done. I need to make it into an ornament. Luckily, Andreas got me a new circle cutter!


One Flamingo

One of three flamingos almost done. I will have this finished before the end of September.


Nieborow Lunch


A restaurant with militaria! Naturally we had to stop and eat. Food was very good. This place is right around the corner from Nieborow Palace. Food was also plentiful.

Friday, July 19, 2024

Birches Done

This came out nice. I will be framing it soon, I believe.


Big Germ

The big germ is about done. And some bars and squiggles on the side.


Still on Second Side

Nearly halfway down the second side and a bit more stitching done on crennelations.


New Bags

One, a shadow black, is missing because I was using it. The green one in front I ordered specifically because I really like the color.


Projekt Strzelnica Krakow

Andreas and I had a nice after work dinner at Projekt Strzelnica when we were in Krakow. I even at some of the beets! They were cooked in orange juice, and that made them edible to me. The duck and the burger were very good, as were the "dumplings" above.


Little Ornament Ready to Gift

These colors remind me of Uzbekistan, and since that is a place the recipient loves, I think this will be a perfect gift.


Pretty Flowers Around

Random clumps of pretty flowers and bulbs around the gardens of Nieborow.


All Blue and Red

This stitched up fairly quickly once I brought it back out, and I think it looks good.


Thursday, July 18, 2024

Simple Temari

I think this looks pretty elegant. 


Bits of Vines

The beeskep is almost done, and it's time to work on the painting.


Make Stuff May 2024 #24: Sunrise Greenhouse by Nora Corbett

A somewhat big project start, but I didn't do many this time. I deserve it.


Two Wingtips

I've reached the top of both wings. Time to fill them in by working downwards.


A little finished gift is winging its way to the US.


Needlepointer Box

This is the latest box from The Needlepointer. I have -no- idea what I am supposed to do with the "tulip pen holder" (yellow plastic). Everything else will get used, at least.


Dharma Fabric

Fabric for backing things.


Little Lake at Nieborow

This little lake was right near the mansion. Andreas has some neat drone footage. It was quite pretty.


Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Make Stuff May 2024 #10: Starburst by Textured Treasures

An interesting piece of needlepoint to do. It's got quite a bit more than this, though.


Make Stuff May 2024 #5: Ring of Flowers by cozyblue handmade

This should be a fairly quick stitch to finish soon.


Make Stuff May 2024 #29: The Spirit of Christmas by Ink Circles

Whoever else thought of wine openers as a Christmas theme? Not me.


Make Stuff May 2024 #7: Red Wild Mushrooms by Cottage Theme

Little mushrooms to make into a big ornament, I think. Should be pretty quick to stitch.



My mitten is mittened and ready to hang on a tree.


Midnight Robin Framed

I think I framed this fairly well. Now it just needs to be hung up.