Sunday, September 23, 2018


My crewel GCC arrived.  Now to find time to get it done.

Squared Up

Middle square all filled up.  Time to do the outside and get this puppy done.

Views Of The Archaeology Building

The archaeology museum was just across from our boat hotel.  It's got an imposing front.  The back, not so much.  The bottom two photos include our boat hotel in the photo.  Kind of neat, kind of kitschy, but it was fun.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Skopje At Night

Earlier this month we spent at weekend in Skopje.  It's definitely more economically developed than Pristina, and larger, but it's very shallow.  All the pretty outdoor instagram shots, but no real substance.  This is one of the bridges over the river at night.  Pretty, yes.

Rooftops Appear

This is a lot of stitching, since it's just about full coverage.  On the other hand, I'm beginning to get parts of the main design done.  Yay!

More Yarn

The upper yarn I bought when I bought the grinda yarn.  I'll use it for a scarf.  The lower Andreas got in an adabox.  Not sure what he was supposed to do with it.  It's now at the women's prison in Lipljan.  I'm sure they'll make something wonderful with it.

Thursday, September 20, 2018


I have mountains, and, on the left, they are almost to the bottom of them.  Yay, go me! It's getting done!

Two Thirds

Two thirds of the middle square filling in brown are done.  I hope to have this done soon.

Yarn For Grinda

I am doing the Grinda crochet-a-long from Lilibjorn.  This is the kind of yarn she recommends for it.  I decided to do the lower colorway rather than the upper, as the upper looks too juvenile to me.


I bought these to use with Tree of Happiness.  I'm going back and forth whether to use this or to use cotton.  I don't like that the reds don't have a lot of variation.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Monday, September 17, 2018

More Of The Same

The lower two ears are filling up fairly fast.  I've had to put an order in for the light green silk.  I'm just about out.  Soon I'll start in on all the rhodes stitches for this bit.

Bigger Wings

I worked on this a bit more, and added some colors to the sides of the top house.  Slowly progressing, but progressing none the less.

Tree Of Happiness Kit

This is from Tatiana Popova, and the class started this weekend, so I need to get cracking on it.

Kit From FabFitFun

I decided to do some tie dyeing, since I've not done any recently.  Now I need to find time.  Time seems to slip away from me lately.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Beginning To Fill Out

The upper border has begun to fill out nicely.  It's about time to truly start on housing.

Penultimate Stitchy Box

This was my penultimate stitchy box.  I like the teal a lot.  Now to find time to sew.

July Tea

Yes, I am that far behind on posting photos.  This is three of four teas from July.  I gave one away before the photo...

Middle Started

I am started on the middle motif.  Yay!  This means I'm getting farther.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Random Stash

Some charts that caught my eye at 123 Stitch.  I much want to start Forests of Sumatra.

Two Bells

Two bells now done and on to the third.  I feel like I'm making progress.

Goth Box

This was the very last Stitchy Box subscription box.  I'm sad it ended.  She's just not doing these anymore.  The theme was goth, so lots of dark stuff.  I like the look.

September Done

Done with September and still not that pleased with my color choices.  We'll see what October brings.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Pattern And Floss

After a few trips to various places, my Lady of the Flag thread arrived - along with a chart.

Chatelaine Stash

European Cross Stitch Company had a sale last spring.  It took a while, but I now have kits for three more Chatelaines.

Lady Started

Everything was ready, so I started Lady of the Flag.  This is the way Andreas wants her.


The crown's done.  On to the rest of the bird.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Two Stashies

Andreas photographed my fiberlicious subscription along with my second order of floss for Another Year Creeps By.  After I started using the floss in this bag for it, I found my original floss.  At least it's getting done.

Trying Out An Idea

I want to get to these soon, as I have a lot of ribbon of my own I want to make things out of.  First, follow the experts.

Trellis Done

The green and blue flowers on the left are done, time to go across some more and get the sunflower going.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Purl Soho

I was bad and ordered more stitching supplies, and from a new vendor at that.  Three kits from Purl Soho - an embroidery one, a beading one, and a tiny sewing one.  I like these because absolutely everything is included in the kit - except scissors.

Made For Me

This is a little - odd.  I visit a women's prison every six months or so as part of my job.  The women's prison has crafts and teaches tailoring for when the prisoners get out, so they can find employment.  I have started bringing craft supplies to help them out.  On my last visit, I was given these two purses and bun holders by the lady I visit.  She gave them to me herself.  It's very sweet.  I brought them back to the office and asked about keep/not keep because of our dollar restrictions.  I was allowed to keep them.  The purses are really cute.

Got Mountains?

I now have bits of mountain on both sides, and there's still the tail to do.  But I feel very good with my progress.

Getting Wings

Done with almost all the specialty stitches on part five and have now started part eight.  Going to work on finishing part fives's specialty stitches and getting the wings more pronounced next.

Started A House

The first house is started.  And the vines and such on the right are about done.

New Pouch

Medieval festival in Gracanica got me this goat fur pouch.  And a very nice bow for Andreas.

Pillowcase Kits

Cabbage Rose had a sale a couple months ago, and I snagged these.  I really need to clean off my sewing table.

Friday, September 07, 2018

Out Of This World

Stitchy Box has sadly stopped the subscription boxes, but they're doing a lot more countdown boxes.  This one is about outer space, and I've started opening it!

Working To Halfway

Still not quite to halfway, but the center motif is started, so I'm close!