Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Obligatory Olive Garden

One of the restaurants Andreas must visit when in the US is Olive Garden.  Mom had git certificates, so we went early this month.  It was pretty good, and Andreas got his cheese ravioli fix.


Celtic Birds Done

Third thing done during the move.  I'm on a small roll.

Going To Be Late

Looks like September is not going to get done in September.....

Monday, September 28, 2015

Truly Home

You know you're home when you know the menu at the restaurant you love.  I'm home!  Though I don't know why the margarita, beans, tacos, and rice didn't get photos.  Ah, found them!

The Female Appears

The peahen is beginning to take shape in front of the peacock.  I guess it makes sense, since I've been doing a lot of brown.

Last Meal Out In Moldova

On our next to last day in Moldova we had Sunday lunch at Pani Pit.  I truly enjoy the food there.  It's always quality and has some unique twists from the chef.  We ordered a lot of food, too.  There was the baked camembert, the carpaccio, the meat plate, the salad, and the steak salad covered in cheese.  What else would be wanting on a last big meal in Moldova?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

One Day

...this will stop looking like a big red cloud.

Food At Asconi

All of Asconi's food is locally sourced from Puhoi, the village it is surrounded by.  The food is very good, though I didn't like the sausages -they were not well ground enough and were bland.

Halfway Point

I am now officially at the halfway point of this design.  It will become my next daily stitch soon.

Rustic Dining

Asconi's dining room is rustic in design.  It's beautiful, too.  Andreas wants to use their overhead lighting design.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

So Close

I missed my self imposed one a week deadline of getting something done, but it's close!  There's very little cross stitching left and a lot of back stitching.

Cellar And Gardens

Asconi's cellars look rather typical of Moldovan wine cellars.  The gardens on top of them were in glorious bloom when we visited in August, though!  A lot of the garden had vegetables that they used in their dishes for lunch.

Mistake Fixed

The tubes on the right weren't lining up correctly - there was a mistake of one stitch on one of them.  It's all fixed now, though, and more progress made with that one big line almost all the way across.

Modern Bottling System

Asconi's bottling system is the most automated in Moldova.  No one touches the bottles or wine after the pallet of bottles are put in the staging area.  All machine, even to boxing the bottles.  This makes them both more sanitary and more even.  It's great to watch.