Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bottom's Up

As I'm working on this area, I keep feeling like I'm filling a teacup up. As of this week, I got the bottom portion full, and am now on to the rest. Added yet another new color of blue to it, too.

Curlicues and Filigrees

This is coming along fairly quickly, I think. I'm almost done with the cross stitches on the inner area. There's a border on the outside, and then it gets put in a box. There's also a bunch of backstitching and beading in the middle. I should have it done by Thanksgiving. At least, that's my goal.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Chicken Out!

The chicken round robin is DONE! I'm mailing it today and hope to not stitch another chicken for a long, long time. Now that it's out of the way, I'm bumping the wheel of fortune ornament to a more prominent place on my rotation and getting some other things started. Sometimes the best part of a piece is finishing it with the knowledge you won't have to ever see it again. I hope the owner likes it.

Heirloom Embroideries Warning

As you know, the only designer I have a problem with business-wise is Carol Tinson. She did a flit on her mystery group for several months and did not communicate in any way that she would be gone and expected us to all be best buds or something after treating her customers so shoddily. If you want to read about the problems, you can search my blog for previous entries under the tag "Mystery Huswif". They're documented there.

Anyway, a warning. She is starting a different way to market her mysteries and such to stitchers - via yahoogroups. She has started a new group, the Heirloom Embroidery News Group, and expects to run the same kind of scam, I would expect. If you go to her current forums, you can see people complaining about her being AWOL. I just don't want people going to her as customers and actually expecting service. Yes, she does make lovely designs. It's why I signed up for her class. Unfortunately, her sense of responsibility to her customers is nonexistent.

A Baroque Curl

I got some more done on my ornament this week - a curl on the upper part. It's looking good. Now to get more time to finish it. And that will be coming very soon.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Another Stripe

I got another stripe done on the flag this week. Since this picture was taken, I extended things more to the right again and did some brown. Soon I'll have the middle from edge to edge and decide whether to work the top or bottom half first.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Stormy Sky

I got the sky done and the ground around the cottage, but then I had to do some frogging. The area that's partially stitched is now being done in a different color than at first. The first color was an overdyed also, but it had too much blue and looked like an extension of the sky or a lake. The current stitch being put in is called Medallions.