Sunday, January 04, 2009

Honey, Your Curves are Showing

This week, Bibendum got a lot of outlining. His eyes are all set in place now and his personality's coming out. It's going pretty quickly, and the more I work on it, the more I like it.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Summer Song Framed

I finished this over the summer, and my husband finished framing it yesterday. He did his usual excellent job. My daughter wanted this, so it's hers. I hope she takes care of it.

No Longer a Mystery

It's all done! I finished this New Year's Day. It will become a pillow in a week or two, I think. The pictures don't show the glittery bits of the fabric. I think it came out pretty well, though if I knew the design beforehand, I probably would have picked something else.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Every New Beginning is Another Beginning's End...

This is the beginning of Chatelaine's Workshop 01, a specialty stitch tutorial. The stitch to be done - Jessicas. I just started, so haven't done any yet, but there are a lot on this small piece. As I've been finishing pieces, I've been able to start new ones. It's great to get something fresh on the plate.

Tuscan Update

The first 'garden' is almost complete - all that's left is the Rhodes stitches around the outside. The part that takes the longest are the little Algerian eye stitches in the squares - it's sixteen passes in such a small space, but it looks good. Only three more to go, then finally to part four.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Goals for 2009

I wonder if I can be a bit more realistic in my goals for this year. I hope so! Anyway, here they are, in no particular order:

1. Finish Medieval Town Mandala. Doable, probably.

2. Make significant progress on my other Chatelaines, including finishing Workshop 1.

3. Complete Diamond Iris, an ANG Chapter Project Book project - this MUST be done by July 1, as I'm teaching it for CyberPointers.

4. Complete Midnight Garden by Orna Willis - the stitchalong I'm leading for CyberPointers. It starts Saturday.

5. Finish Bibendum.

6. Make 20 ornaments. These will probably be mostly temari.

7. Complete Cobblefield Road - this should be quick, as I'm about nine tenths of the way there.

8. Make a stocking for my husband.

9. Work The Traveler by Teresa Wentzler and the house by Barbara and Cheryl into my rotation.

10. Complete Lady of the Flag.

11. Do one crewel piece and one goldwork piece.

12. Make myself a purse.

13. Keep my rotation to ten pieces, no more.

14. Finish at least two UFO's and old WIP's.

15. Reduce my stash significantly.

I hope I can do all these!

So Close!

I'm almost done with this, and will probably finish it this week. Since this picture, I've finished the squares I had and received the final four. Oh, and we're starting a new project today in the group! It's a quaker sampler called "See the Star", really pretty. Look for it soon here.