Thursday, September 03, 2015

Dragon's Maw

I'm working on the top of the dragon's mouth.  He's getting scary.

Lots To Fill

There's a lot to fill now.  Next time I work on this will be on the plane.

One Last Steakhouse Visit

Our final visit to Steakhouse was disappointing, mainly because the waitress was not very good.  She got much of the order wrong and did not follow up on anything.  The restaurant wasn't even that busy.  We also had Kerry's parents along, so we didn't want to bring it to a lot of attention.  I wish they had better service that night.  It didn't help that it took nearly two hours to just get the entrees.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

On The Last Rule

I am now on the last rule and have three and a half more lines, total, to go.  What am I going to do with it now that I'm no longer in Moldova to get it framed well?

One Of A Kind

All framed up by MolDeco!

Not Sure Where This Has Gone...

This is the progress I made on the sunflowers piece before packing.  After arriving today, I cannot find it in my suitcase, even though I believe I packed it.  I hope I find it soon.  It could even been in my household shipment, which I won't see until I get to Luanda and well after that...

Odessa One Last Time

Over the week of July 4th we went to Odessa one last time, this time with Kerry's parents.  The first place we ate at was Gyoza.  It was still very good, but raspberry season instead of strawberry.  I even had sushi I liked - made with fruit instead of fish.