Friday, June 10, 2016

All Piccaled!

It's all done! I love the effect of overdyed thread in pieces like this.  I'll be making this into an ornament when I get back to Africa.  One more crazy start down, too.  

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Melting Potted

A week or so ago a friend and I went to The Melting Pot in Arlington.  I normally like fondue and truly enjoy every time we go to Simply Fondue in Fort Worth.  Unfortunately, I was not nearly as impressed with this place.  The drinks were nice - mine was an eiderflower fizz.  The cheese was okay, but there weren't many choices.  Ours was supposed to have a somewhat Mexican taste to it, yet I could find no trace of it.  Salad was small and not too well presented.  The choices of meat were also fairly meager.  They also used a broth for the meat instead of oil.  This made the meat more dry and rubbery.  Not the best.  Dessert was okay, but they were out of our top two kinds of chocolate.  I think I will keep my future fondue forays to Fort Worth.

Much Slowed

I am still making progress on the left side, but not as much as before.  I've got a bell shaped stick end done, though, which is good.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

June In Five

It took me five days to stitch June.  Maybe I can get that fast on some of my other projects.  Halfway through the sampler year.

Getting Grounded

I was stitching on this daily for a while, and I made a bunch of progress.  Lots of grass and rocks were discovered in the pattern.  I also got the top area gridded in backstitch.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Curls And Swirls

This looks much better in person than in the photo.  The colors really come together on the lightly colored fabric.  Two more weeks and you get Andreas' much better photos.

Over The Hump

I am now over the halfway point on this band.  Chugging along, even though the daily time has run out.