Thursday, March 23, 2017

Andreas Surprise

Even though I said I didn't need any more purses, Andreas saw this one, knew I'd like it, and bought it.

Just Add Water

At this point, I need to do the water at the bottom of March and the bottom part of the frame to call March a wrap.  

Edging Away

I ended up with more columns and edging on this.  Next time, new gargoyles to start.

Birds And Bridge

 More birds of the same kind.  The guide said they're palm nut vultures?  Anyway, there's a bridge across the river that goes to the south of the country and we went under it.  Then, vegetation.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Impulse Buy

I couldn't resist buying this so soon after a trip to Scotland, could I?

Centerpiece Done

After completing the centerpiece of this work I have to put it up for approximately six weeks.  It won't fit in my suitcase as I go to India in two days for work.  So... here it sits for a bit.  The middle medallion is striking, no?

Filling The Wing

This is coming along nicely.  I like the colors of the wing and the way it's swimming along.