Monday, January 21, 2019

Nearly Feathered

Almost all of the peacock done. Yay! I think this monochrome thing is going to work out.

Lunch At Natyra

Part of my job is traveling across Kosovo to visit prisoners. After a prison visit, we usually get lunch. In November, we had lunch at Natyra, a restaurant in Klina. The place has wonderful food, and my ACS clerk loves it because it serves pork. I think we're going back soon.  The other unusual dish they had was a cornbread with veggies and a white cheese sauce on it. Pretty tasty.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Indian Summer Finish

Done stitching Indian Summer from Kick Back and Stitch. It's good to finish something. I feel like I didn't finish much at all last year.


Dawn gave us this cute Dalek speaker set. Andreas needs to connect it to the Echo. Then maybe we could say "Alexa, exterminate!"

Outside The Mineral Museum

This is the view outside the museum. It's a lovely area of Kosovo and worth it to drive through the valley and enjoy.

New Colors

I've decided to add some new colors into the mix. Looking good, I think.

More Rocks

More rocks from underground Kosovo.