Thursday, April 18, 2019

All Across

I made it all the way across the top and counted it several times to make sure. Now to something a bit less boring on it.

Almost Samplered

I have very little left to stitch on this piece, and I will work on it every day until it's done.


Floss and fabric from Fiberlicious for March. Not at all sure what I am going to do with the bubble gum pink.

Perfect Cranberry Bread

It's not every day that I make a perfectly baked loaf, but I did for Christmas day. Go me!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Afghan Finish

This afghan was made for my boss' baby daughter. It took a while for some reason.

Possum Start

The possum is well started now. I'm almost halfway done, yay! I think this will look pretty cute.

Carpaccio And Butter

Not sure why they served butter with the carpaccio; I skipped it. The rest was very good.