Friday, May 31, 2019

Backstitching Second Side

The top is finally all back and specialty stitched up on this part. Time to work on the left and to continue cross stitching the bottom.

Sneek Backstitching

I finished the backstitching on this part of the pattern. Time for more alphabet.

Picture This Plus Fabric

Stitchers' Village had a Picture This Plus sale. I bought a few pieces and have already been using some of them for my stitch maynia starts.

Cologne Lunch

It was almost constantly raining when we were in Cologne in December. While cruising the Christmas markets, we ducked into a random pub for lunch. The goulash was perfect for a cold, wet day.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

New Bell

Woot, first bell on the third corner started. Slowly this is getting done.

Owlet Framed

This piece was perfect for a tiny wooden hoop, so that's what I used. Andreas will hang it up in his office one day.

Stitch Maynia #11: Random Meadow

An easy stitch with a lot of straight stitches. Not sure what to do with the orange fuzz balls.