Monday, March 16, 2020

Thread Pulled

The little pulled thread ornament is done and given away. Didn't turn out bad at all.

New Border

I am now doing a new border. Part one is all cross stitched. Time to start the other stitches on it, too.

More Of The Same

Seems I get to work on this every week, even though the progress is hard to see. More flag, more dress.

SushiCo Food

We won't be having this kind of food for a while. All the restaurants in Kosovo are closed. It makes me sad, but with the state of healthcare here, it's totally understandable.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Ball Played

Framed for about six euros. All ready to hang by Nolan Ryan.

Nearly Complete

The indigo bird is nearly complete! Only the bottom tail feathers to go. 

Flowering In Red

Florals are coming along with some yellow and red. Now that it's in rotation, it will hopefully get done soon.