Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Joy's Done

Yay, another thing done. I love that I'm motoring on in finishing things. This will be made into an ornament soon.


One Knot And A Couple Turns

I am so close to the bottom of this. One big knot in the middle and a couple of corners to go.


Home Gardening

Because we needed more things to take care of, Andreas bought a lemon tree and an orange tree. They're pictured in front of a lot more of our garden pots. Our real goal were the balcony planters for outside Leonora's room.


Sunday, November 01, 2020

Building Blocks

Building blocks for the house, and even one of the people started. I think this is progress.


Patreon Bonus From Ink Circles

Tracy sent me all these nice things in a small package this month. I was happily surprised! This was a result of being a Patreon sponsor of Ink Circles. Thank you, Tracy. 


Getting Crossed

The top portion of this knot is done! It's going to look pretty good, I think. It goes pretty quickly once I start working on it.


Archaeological Park Ulpiana

There used to be a Roman city a few miles from where we live. Currently, it's mainly buried under farmland and wildflowers. But some of it is excavated! They have dug up the north gate area, a couple of old churches, and the necropolis just outside the north gate. What they've dug up is -maybe- five percent of the land area of the city.  Fascinating stuff, and a great way to get out with the pod and get some sunshine earlier this summer.