Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Carol In Anxious Chill

This is one of Carol's anxious poses. She wants cuddles to make the anxiety go away.


Bits Of Athens

All these photos were taken in the center of Athens. When we went in July, we stayed close by the Acropolis Museum.


Saturday, August 14, 2021

Home Started Well

The house has a good start. I am getting close to halfway.


Three Corners

Three corners are done. Getting close!


Black Needle Society Night Garden Box

I received this box after two others that were mailed earlier. Thank you USPS! Anyway, I'm pleased with the contents and colorway.


A Day Of Chadding

Chad back when he wasn't quite so round.


Lunch In Skopje

Nearly a year ago we had lunch and wine tasting at Hunter's Lodge in Skopje. The wines were grown in the vineyards next door, and the brand was Kamnik. I ordered the stew. Mine tasted best.