Sunday, January 02, 2022

Early Albania

Back in Roman times, Albania was known as Illyria. It was also known to be fractious, even when ruled by a woman like Queen Teuta.


Saturday, January 01, 2022

Bright Bright Baby

This is going to be a definite bright stitch. The spinner hasn't been kind to it yet.


Half A Bunny

I guess he should be named Erik.


Half The Bottle

The glass is nearly done, and the bottle is halfway. Things are getting closer to being done.

Visited Decani

Decan Monastery is always a great place to go - and this time, we brought Leonora. Even though it's in her home country, she's never gone. She loved it. And I learned something new, too. The monks of Decani are very greatful to Regina Maria of Romania. She was also the last monarch to sit in the monarch's chair in the church, in 1932. She gave the monastery a lot of money to keep it running, too.

We also got to see the farmyard this time. It was great, with cows and chickens and goats and such...

Molle e Eger

Some of the time I wish Molle e Eger would change it's menu a bit with the change of seasons. It'd be good to see something different every once in a while.


Goat Weirdness

This is, I believe, the representation of Skenderbeu. He had goat horns on his helm and a lot of fortifications. Other than that, no clue.