Sunday, June 30, 2024

Entrance to the Courtyard

This castle has an imposing entrance and drawbridge, like most. There's a second drawbridge for the inner sanctum, too.


One Froggy Hand

My little green frog has a hand done. Still a stomach and another hand to go.


Winter Warmth

Polish colored flowers put in the Polish pottery vase early this year because Andreas got me these lovely flowers.


Hydrangeas and Lilacs

Andreas knows I love lilacs so he got me this bouquet when they were in season.


Someone's Front Gate

Beautiful clematis at the gate of our friend's neighbor's house. The colors are so vivid.


Hooped for Betsy

I didn't have the right size hoop when Betsy was here, but it's all done now and sent off.


Make Stuff May #14: A Fancy Flamingo by Hands On Designs

I know exactly who I am giving this to when it's done. And it has to be given before the end of the year. So this  will be worked on a bit soon.


Make Stuff May #12: Dragonfly Sashiko on Red Fabric by Indigo Niche

One dragonfly almost done already. This should be fairly quick when I get around to it.


Entrance and Monastery

Malbork's entrance, and the building with the white facing is a monastery - it used to be the servants' quarters.


Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Christmas Tree Ornament

This was also in my "waiting to be finished into something" pile. It became an ornament that looks pretty good.


Tiny Summer Box

This was my summer box. There was absolutely nothing big in it! But I was running low on skin care anyway.


Framed and Given

This was in my "to be finished into something" pile, and I knew someone who was leaving who would love it. So I framed it and gave it to her. And she loves it!


Make Stuff May #12: Dragonflies and Hexagons Panel by Indigo Niche

Bought this a while back. Using my own thread choices. When finished, this will be the larges sashiko project I have done so far.


Make Stuff May #11: Diamond Elegance II by Barbara Richardson

I have made this before; just decided to change up the colors again. It's a quick stitch and makes a nice ornament.


Make Stuff May #13: Deer by Klart

No deer in this yet, only some stars and a crescent moon. But there will be a deer!


North to South

Pulled this one out from last year to finish. Compensating the background stitch is so hard, but I'm muddling through.


More Malbork Walls

These walls are on the other side of the drawbridge from the others. They enclose the servants' quarters, another church, and the gardens.


Monday, June 24, 2024

Krakow Earrings

I bought these when I was working in Krakow in March. They're pretty, but the beaded ones are really fragile. They keep falling off the earring hooks!


Little Mandalas

Little silver mandala earrings. I have several different ones with same shape, different pattern. Kind of my go to style.


Resin and Pine

Little resin earring pair that I got when we visited Wroclaw. I think they're pretty with the pine cone bits.


Make Stuff May #16: Crocuses by cozyblue handmade

Another not so quick cozyblue to do.


Make Stuff May #6: Cottage Garden by Beaks and Bobbins

I bought this when I went to York to visit Dawn. So it only took me a year and a half to start it... it should be a fairly quick finish, I hope.


Make Stuff May #20: Christmas Peace Ornament by Joan Elliott

Cutting out a lot of stitching on this by having a blue background. Should be finished in time for Christmas.


Make Stuff May #26: Bite Me! Fur by Ink Circles

Yet another Ink Circles start. This one has quite a bit to do on it, so probably won't see the light for a little bit.


Little Wasp

Andreas likes taking photos of small things. Wasp found on the drawbridge at Malbork.


Friday, June 21, 2024

cozyblue catch up

Catching up on the recent cozyblue kits. Will get them done soonish.


Local Buy

Bought all this from Coricamo, an online store here in Poland. Which means I get 23% tax back. A lot of it's in my "to start next" jar to pull out.


New Coloring Book

I need to break out my coloring pencils!


Happy Square

Is all framed up!


Make Stuff May #23: Birches by cozyblue handmade

This will be a -lot- of running stitch. It's started, though. In fact, I've picked it up as my daily stitch at the moment. Should be done in a few days.


Getting the Big Germ

The centerpiece is beginning to take shape.