Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rose Round Robin

This is the fourth round robin piece of six to work on. As you can see, she chose roses. I got it on Saturday. Muriel either didn't get it on time or took a long time doing it. Anyway, I decided on a pattern last night, and it's rather big for one of these, but I started stitching it at the bottom of the other roses. It's a horizontal design of two roses that are red. Called Roses for Emilie. Anyway, I hope I get it done in a timely manner. I'm going to shoot for the middle of March.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Big Chatelaines

I'm still not done with part one of the Victorian Garden, but I'm still in love with the colors. It looks so much better in person! Hopefully I'll at least finish part one before part three's released. On the Midi, I've mad significant progress. The light green on the left arch is done, which means the left arch itself is done. Now to finish the right arch. There's just a lot of stitching on these arches and a lot of counting because of the way they're laid out. On the Medieval Town Mandala, I've started backstitching part four and it's going relatively quickly. Depending on how the backstitching inside the fences go, I could be done with it this week. I really need to minimize the number of projects I work on... so many projects and not enough time. I'll be getting some truly quiet time this afternoon as I'll be alone in the house with only the cats, the dog and the guinea pig. Maybe I'll be able to make some progress.

The Small Pieces

Both these pictures were taken on Friday, so they don't show current progress. I worked on both today, adding some to the edges on the mini mandala and completely finishing the January Heart. You won't see a picture of the completed stitching until next weekend, though, as my husband and his camera are both in France. That makes three complete projects for the 10 Project Challenge on the Wagon. I'm getting there! Today, I taped the pattern for the Silk and Metal GCC from Kay Stanis on my kitchen window and the silk on top of it to trace tomorrow. It's my new start - another piece of goldwork!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Wonderful Surprise

Muriel had sent me an email last Sunday saying she was sending me a gift ... and that the next round robin segment would be a rose. Well, this is the gift! I got it on Thursday. Isn't it pretty? She did all the stitching herself - I think the floss is one of the variations. Maybe I'll finish the January Heart into an ornament and send it to her. Anyway, I'm keeping my beading needles for the Ribbons and Roses project in it and I'm thrilled. The new round robin segment came today and I'll show you a picture in another entry this week.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Buttonholes and Auction Piece

I got the big rose done on the buttonhole and bargello piece. A small one too! This morning, after these pictures were taken last night, I did the final one. I'm getting closer to finishing. As for the auction piece, it's coming along. I have four weeks to finish it and I'm done with the watering can itself on its rectangle. Now to fill it in and move on to the next one. I really need to have it done soon.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Mystery X - Victorian Garden

As you can see, I didn't finish Part 1 in time. On the other hand, I really love the colors on this. It's so pretty, I look at it and just admire it. Over the past two days, my stitching has come to a near halt. Between running around for the kids and hobbling while doing it, I've been squeezed for time to stitch. Hopefully that'll change next week, but I doubt it. I'll be single parenting while my husband travels.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Beading And More Beading

The strap is up to sixteen and a half inches in these pictures. It's getting there bit by bit. I'm on the last row of beading on the purse itself. I have a decision then - to start putting the purse together or do the other bit of beading on the rose. Haven't decided which yet. What do you think?