Monday, February 05, 2007

Big Chatelaines

I'm still not done with part one of the Victorian Garden, but I'm still in love with the colors. It looks so much better in person! Hopefully I'll at least finish part one before part three's released. On the Midi, I've mad significant progress. The light green on the left arch is done, which means the left arch itself is done. Now to finish the right arch. There's just a lot of stitching on these arches and a lot of counting because of the way they're laid out. On the Medieval Town Mandala, I've started backstitching part four and it's going relatively quickly. Depending on how the backstitching inside the fences go, I could be done with it this week. I really need to minimize the number of projects I work on... so many projects and not enough time. I'll be getting some truly quiet time this afternoon as I'll be alone in the house with only the cats, the dog and the guinea pig. Maybe I'll be able to make some progress.

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