Monday, April 30, 2007

Round Robin Nears Done

I'm almost done with the sewing bird on the needlework round robin. This picture was taken Thursday night, and since then I've completed all the cross stitch and am working on the backstitching. My plan is to finish it tonight and send it out tomorrow.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Two Chatelaines

I decided to put these two into one blog entry since they're in the middle of the same stuff they have been. On the Medieval Mandala, I got another color on the top half of the corner done, meaning I have only one blue to go on that part. Will be doing the gold next. On the Midi, I got a plant and a half done and and another pot. I might get this part done before I get to France. Stitching time is going out the window with preparations, spring, and everything else going on.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


I didn't have much wait time last week. That's why there is so little progress on this. The band I just started is at least as big as the flower and square band, and my hope is to finish it this week. Time keeps getting more and more squished on me. Does it ever slow down and let you catch up on your stitching? I hope it will for me soon.

Goldwork Part F Done

This week, I managed to do Part F. It's the calyx of the other flower, and I think I did the box couching better on it. At least, it looks better to me. I'm liking the progress when I get to work on this, but it's looking like I'm going to have to take this to France to complete. I really want it done, so I might take a week or a day or two and just work on it to catch up.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Calendrier des Fleurs

This is Yveline's round robin - it arrived in the same package as my completed one. I need to add a calendula (marigold) to it for October. My daughter remarked on how appropriate that was because it's my birthday month. I have a picture of a calendula that I need to make a chart of. Will do that after I'm back home on Monday. I think her idea is lovely and it looks so pretty!

My Round Robin Flew Home!

I got a wonderful, beautiful surprise in the mail today. My round robin flew home! It's done! I love it, even if my husband says the contrast isn't great. I think he says that because it's hard to photograph. i'm just thrilled with how it turned out. There's a blank spot near the middle that I think I'm going to put everyone's initials in. Now I have to finish the other two that I have to go through. The needlework sampler one is almost done and the other I got in the mail with mine. I so recommend doing this!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Victorian Progress

I got to use a color other than Honeydew this week -and the edges of the swirls are beginning to be more defined. I still like the detail of the garden - but it takes so long to do!