Sunday, April 29, 2007

Two Chatelaines

I decided to put these two into one blog entry since they're in the middle of the same stuff they have been. On the Medieval Mandala, I got another color on the top half of the corner done, meaning I have only one blue to go on that part. Will be doing the gold next. On the Midi, I got a plant and a half done and and another pot. I might get this part done before I get to France. Stitching time is going out the window with preparations, spring, and everything else going on.


Charlene said...

Wow .. such a fast progress. Just love to see the colour. Well done, Meg.

Lani said...

They are both beautiful Meg! I'm enjoying following your progress on them.

The Silver Thistle said...

Great progress again! I'm loving seeing how they're coming together.