Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Groundhog Day

If you see your shadow on Groundhog Day in South America, does summer last longer?  Actually, here in Uruguay, it's a different holiday.  Today's a sea festival honoring the African goddess Yemanje.  You'll see pictures of that soon.  In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of the beach and a view of Montevideo or two.

So Very Close

I only have a little bit of stitching to do in the non-metallic, then I have to wait for my order to come in to complete it altogether.  I ran out of the metallic gold!


I am almost done with the penultimate row!  The next ones are mainly small, too, so they should go more quickly.

One World One Heart Time

It's that time of year - One World, One Heart is on!  You can click on the logo on the sidebar to get to the list.  I participated last year and enjoyed it, and I hope you who participate have fun looking at all the neat stuff. 


I am currently living in Uruguay and craft a lot.  I've at least tried everything I've seen involving a needle and thread.  I will be moving to Moldova later in the year, and it will be a challenge with one LARGE dog and two cats, especially with nearly two months in the US in the middle.  Anyway... on to the goodies:

I will be giving away three temari balls in your choices of color, mine of pattern.  There are a lot of temari in prior blog posts so you can see what they are.  The drawing will be around nine in the morning URUGUAY time (which is GMT -3 currently) on February 17th.  Just leave a comment with a way to be reached to enter!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

It's a River

Even though all these pictures show the water as wide as an ocean, it's actually a river.  Montevideo sits about seventy miles inland from the South Atlantic.  The Rio de la Plata is the widest river in the world, and you can see that in the pictures.  When you get to Punta del Este, the point where the river meets the ocean, you can really see the difference in water color from brown river water to blue ocean.  And yes, the water here is brackish and tidal, too.

Three Starred

I got the third part of Quaker Star done.  I think it's looking very nice!  I'm in the process of finishing See the Star before coming back to this, though.

One Gilded

I finished the backstitching on the top acanthus leaf motif.  The corner is also coming along a bit.