Thursday, August 07, 2014

On The Streets

Got lost on the streets of Krakow and took lots of pictures.  Eventually found the castle.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

All Monogrammed

When I picked this up at the beginning of the week I was close enough to finish it with a bit more work, so I did.  I think it looks pretty good and I will incorporate it into a quilt block.  When I have time.

Back To Briz

Over Memorial Day weekend we visited Soroca to help teach a program and teach games to some students.  Zombie Dice was a hit among the preteen set, by the way, and the high schoolers loved Pandemic.  

Anyway, we had dinner at Cafe Briz, a place we had visited last year with Andreas' parents.  The menu has changed - they now offer sushi - but not the atmosphere.  

The food - this time we wandered off the beaten Moldovan path and experimented.  The Moldovan items - soup, salad and pickles- we ordered were fine.  The "fajitas" were awful.  This was another case of "it looks the same, so it must be the same" on top of some meat going off.  Not pleasant!


These are various photos of the exteriors of churches in Old Town Krakow. There are a lot of them!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Wizard Robes

Mr. Goat is getting some robes.  He's still at a really odd angle in the sky, but at least he'll have some clothing on.

Feeling Good

I feel so good about my progress on this project!  The second corner is almost done and the backstitching in the lower left progresses nicely. I also just like the look of this.  It makes me smile.

Big Dinner At Pegas

Toward the end of May we had a big group with us at Pegas.  We took some photos of other peoples' food, too so there's a -lot- to see.  I had mushroom soup, which was silky and creamy and just the right temperature.  Someone else had tomato, which is so very rare here in eastern Europe!  For some reason, milk and tomatoes should never meet.

Andreas had his usual Greek salad and rabbit alfredo.  They were as good as usual, too.  I don't think he'll ever order anything else from this restaurant.
I had a steak and some grilled mushrooms.  The steak was done properly, but the mushrooms were a little dry.  I do like their food and the quality of beef has only gone up.
Someone else ordered shashlik and it came out on a huge skewer.  Interesting presentation, and it was evidently very good tasting.

I had the usual cappucino for dessert.  They present it so well here.