Friday, January 02, 2015

Working On The Stucco

I've added quite a bit of peach and some gray to the house.  The chimney is almost done now, as is the stucco.  It'll be fun to use some new colors.

New Backpack

We picked up this pack at the Budapest Christmas market.  I think we saw something similar at four other places, but this had it best made and least expensive, both.  It's all leather, unlined on the inside, and smells good.

Old Fashioned Support

 These photos are of a six story superstructure that holds up the roof of one of the chambers.  It looks so like an oil derrick.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

One And A Half Motifs

I have only one and a half more motifs to stitch on this.  Yes, there's some border and backstitch, too, but the middle's almost filled.

Thanks, Pouch

 As usual, I ordered my advent countdown from Atelier 196.  I had hoped to have it by the time we got home from Hungary.  Nope.  It took a month to get to me!  I ended up opening all the bits on Christmas eve.  It wasn't nearly as fun that way.

Roofing It

Well, the roof of the last bit is coming along.  It's a bit hard to see progress because of the close color match.  I've also started doing the jessica circle flowers on the bottom corner again.  My goal is to get this done in time for MolDeco to frame it before we move to Angola.

Lake And Carvings

 This is part of a pretty large salt lake down the mine.  They have it lit so it's beautiful.  Also near it are these carvings of plaques.