Thursday, April 02, 2020

Cozyblue Finish

I finished what I call random meadow from cozyblue. Not sure if it's a keeper or not. Will frame soon.

Blue Flower

Yay, this is almost done! Of course, I have a second pillowcase to do too, but I hope it goes more quickly. Anyway, lots of progress.

Second Sweater

I now have two of this sweater. I ordered it as part of a FabFitFun box, it came, and Andreas told me Grayson had put a hole in it before I got to wear it... so when it came up for sale in their remainders, I bought another. And now I have two because Grayson didn't really put a hole in the first. 

Back To The Commandante

Back in August and September, we went to Commandante Marcos a lot. It is a five minute walk from the embassy, and the food is very good for Mexican in Europe.