Friday, November 20, 2020

Beginning To Get Personality

This little green guy looks more mischievous than his pink brother.


Colored Pencils


I showed a photo of these from Tracy Horner to my husband and told him I thought they were spiffy. Three weeks later, these showed up in the mail...

Backed Up

I wanted to make sure the fabric was big enough before getting too invested in this project, so I did the back. Still have a bit more to get to the bottom, but there's room on this side.


I Miss Renaissance

Renaissance is just a wonderful restaurant in Pristina. We used to go about once every six weeks or so. Now... we can't. And we miss it dreadfully. These photos are from one of our meals from last year.


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Lots To Go

This was the next to finish on the list, but there's a lot more stitching on it than I thought. It's going to take a bit.


One Done

Yay, I have one full large dragon complete! Only seven more to go.


New Barrettes

I saw these barrettes on Racaire's facebook page, so decided to buy some from her. I like them!