Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Started Part Three

Seems like today's postings are about mini-milestones. Part three is now started on my berlinwork sampler, which means I'm on the last part given and finally past where I messed up. The tassels look cute so little there, don't you think?


Sari said...

Hi! I'm taking part in crazy January 2012 also, and I'm not all organized.Too many nice things to stitch.
Love the way your tassels look! Wonder what shall they be. Lots of lovely other works too. The Christmas ball-thingy left me wonder and think where to find instructions and try one too...
Greetings from Finland

Meg said...

Hi Sari-

If you go to, it's got a lot of resources for learning temari. They're addictive. Give it a try!