Saturday, April 07, 2012

I Got Green!

I got to do some green for trees this time!  I also need to go to Gemenii and pick up some DMC 647, as I seem to be out.  That way, I can do more sidewalk work.  It's good to not be peachy all the time.


dulcinella said...

you already got big part of this project done! happy 647 hunting and a very happy easter!

Mary said...

It's looking soooo good! I have everything I need to begin mine, but haven't made the plunge yet! It will take me forever, because something else will come along to sidetrack me :)

Anonymous said...

If you need floss (now or in the future), let me know. I need an excuse to go shopping
-Lynn in southern NJ

Meg said...

Thanks, Lynn! I actually have at least four places I can get the whole DMC line here. It's a stitcher's paraize compared to Uruguay. An I get to go US shopping next month!