Monday, October 01, 2007

Rooster Goes Bye Bye

This is my other finish of the week - the rooster round robin piece. I sent it home to England this week and hope it gets there safely. With all the full stitches, it went pretty quickly. I know some of you were interested in the pattern. They appeared in several issues a couple at a time in New Stitches a few years back or you can buy the kit through Stitch Direct. To answer Chelle's question on my previous rooster post - I'm currently in two other round robins, both run by British people. One is the calendars and the other is a sealife theme. I'll be doing the French round robin thing again. First I have to get home from vacation and send them a letter. I guess I got spoiled. That was a wonderful one and these others - well, I think my taste isn't the same as the others.


Mindi said...

Congratulations on finishing the RR. I remember the one time I did some stitching at the request of my cousing. The pattern, fabric and floss were all on my list of things I'd NEVER pick out for myself. It was such a chore, and I hated doing it. It took 2 years for my cousin's child to get his stocking. :( She's never asked me to stitch anything for her again.

Meg said...

That happens a lot ... I never work as well or quickly or joyfully on something I don't love.