Saturday, March 01, 2008

February Recap

Especially compared with January, my stitching success in February wasn't. There is the excuse that I was down with the flu for a week of it, but I feel like things just got away from me. I only completed four projects, and none of them was my Take It Further challenge or my ornament challenge. I seem to have hit the doldrums.

The Take It Further challenge was "What are you old enough to remember?" Immediately when I read it, I thought of mimeographs, dittoes in the old parlance. Before copiers, there was a different printing method that involved ink and mess and a certain smell of solvents. By the time I was in high school, the age of mimeographs was over, but I still remember the smell. I have something designed; I just haven't gotten around to stitching it. I'll try to get it started next weekend.

With the ornament, I was just so sick on the day of and am just now creeping back to normal. I'll be working on it tomorrow, and I have it started. It's a Papillon Creations freebie called Winter Wood, but I'm doing it in monochrome. I feel so behind.

On the good side, Part 3 of the Midi Mystery is complete. That means it's well over halfway finished. Band two of the 17th Century English Sampler is done, which means I'm on track for it. And Band five of Tiramisu is complete. I guess this means I did -something- this month.

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Stitchingranny said...

Wow I have just been having a look back and you seem to have done loads in the last two weeks. Both the Mandala Gardens are coming on really well and good progress on everything else too.

Hope you are feeling a little better now.