Friday, July 04, 2008

Mattie at Home

Mattie came home on Sunday! She'd grown since I last saw her a week and a half previously, and she was a bit shaky after the trip, of course. Not to mention smelly and dirty! So as soon as she got home, she was bathed and then I took a shower. Had to get the dog smell off me, too, since she spent half the looong trip home in my lap. Here she is a couple of days ago hanging out and scratching her ear.

And this is Mattie with her favorite toy. She's taken this one over. We'd bought it for the cats, who didn't like it, and then Emma discarded it. Mattie loves it, though. She gets going with it and keeps entertained for half an hour, an eternity for a puppy.


Anonymous said...

She's so beautiful, Meg! And look at those big ole feet, LOL. You're so lucky. Jane in WV

Meg said...

Thanks! I think so, too. She's supposed to more than grow into the feet, though. Probably get to St. Bernard size.