Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The queen stitches on the bodice are done. I don't really like how they look, and they were really hard to do. There are some mistakes in them, but I'm not redoing it. On to the rest of her tunic and skirt.

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Front Range Stitcher said...

Hi Meg,
It's coming along so nicely. As I've said many times, I just love this piece. Mistakes? I didn't see any and if someone is looking so close as to finds mistakes, then I say please don't visit my blog as I wouldn't have anything to post if I only posted perfect stitching. LOL! Besides, the recipients of all my stitching love that I've made them something however imperfect it may be. I love to learn and strive to improve but the bottom line is that I stitch for my own pleasure. I hope you do too. Keep up the beautiful work.