Thursday, February 26, 2009

Squared Off

Here's the little thing (it's -really- tiny) all squared off now. The red is dominant again, but I have a lot of green to do next. At least it no longer looks like measles. If I don't finish this before I get to Kosovo, it'll be finished within a week or two of getting there. Two more weeks and a couple of days before I leave. The travel is brutal - I have two layovers, each five hours or so, in Paris and Vienna. Too long to sit at the gate and too short to go into town and explore. I'll probably go into the first class lounges (the one in CDG is nice) and sleep or try to get some stuff done.


nutmegg said...

Your stitching is beautiful very delicate looking.

Carolyn said...

Meg, your stitching is so pretty, and you get so much done! You literally amaze me!

Meg said...

Thank you both, and Carolyn - I always feel like I don't do much because it takes so long to finish anything!