Thursday, March 12, 2009

March of the Crabs

This is the third of the round robins I'm currently participating in - the one where each person embellishes a small block. Simona's theme was under the sea. It's a popular one going around in the group, but this was the first I'd worked on and I wasn't really inspired until I got the idea for button crabs. Then the rest came together. I've got coral, fishies in the kelp, some starfish, some pearls, and the crabs. They were super easy to do and I think they came out cute.


Anonymous said...

What a fab idea. I love the crabs!

AMBER said...

Those are the cutest little button crabs. However do you get these ideas? I'm going to use this one.

Andreas said...

The crabs came out nicely.

Meg said...

Thank you! As for the idea, I wanted crabs marching there ... and started to draw them and think of how to make their round bodies. I was kind of in a hurry due to the whole leaving in a few days thing, so... I looked through my buttons! I think they came out better than they would have if I had just satin stitched the bodies.

Cyn said...

Hi Meg,

I just started grinning when I saw the crabs. They are great!

I may use your idea for the felt pincushions that I'm developing which I'll use to teach teens how to stitch at an event this summer. I supply the materials so there is no cost to the sponsoring group. Lot's of fun in the last of the hot summer days. :-)

This block looks great!

Windy Meadow

Meg said...

Cyn- go ahead and use it. They're really easy to make and would be great for "crabby" teenagers. They could make door knockers for their rooms, even.

Cyn said...