Friday, May 29, 2009

How I Rotate...

I've gotten some comments asking how I do this, so I'll post. It works for me; I don't know if it'd work for anyone else, but... here goes. Everything changes when I travel, too, and gets discombobulated, so that's one reason things get out of order sometimes. This is how I set it up when I got home from Kosovo at the end of April.

First, I get a sticky note pad with ten lines on it. I write down the project I am currently stitching until I have ten projects on the list. Each project gets two needles-ful of stitching done. Sometimes I'll fudge and do a bit more, sometimes a very little bit less. I do try to keep at least that much on each project. It's enough to see progress on it.

So, ten projects that I go through from top to bottom and keep going through until one's done. When one is done, I tear off that sticky note and write a new one with all the same projects except the completed one and then add a new one to the bottom. Adding a new one is my reward. Right now, I'm alternating between adding completely new projects when I finish one and old UFO's.

I also try to work extra on a project every day. Since I've been so behind on the stitchalongs, I've been doing them. I do two needles-ful of that project until it's done, or in the case of the stitchalongs, I've completed a section.

Then there are the crazy quilt round robin blocks. Because they're on a fairly short turnaround, I tend to put aside a day a week to work on them. Usually, that day is Sunday. I tend to work on that until I'm done or until I get too tired of it. When I do, I'll put it aside for the day and pick it up as the daily item until it's done.

I doubt this makes sense to anyone else, but it's how I've been doing things for several years now, at least.


Margaret said...

Thanks for the explanation! I enjoy learning what works for others to see if I can incorporate it into my life.

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