Thursday, November 19, 2009

So Maybe It Is a Dragon

I got more done on the bookmark from HAED. The head is about done now, and it looks different than the picture on the pattern, but then I think they always do. Pictures don't capture the details. I always thought it was a salamander, but the head's not salamander-ish. Perhaps it is a dragon, after all.


Cathy said...

Great progress on all of your projects. You mention a rotation. Do you go by hours or days of the week? You seem to make alot of progress so I was just curious as to how your rotation worked.

Meg said...

Thank you, Cathy! My rotation governed by number of threads, not time or day of the week. I can't keep track of the time and I'd get lost on days of the week. I've posted my current rotation on the blog now, so people can see what I'm working on.

I work from top down and do two lengths of thread on a project, then move to the next. The only exception is that I work on a Marquoir SAL daily - same amount of thread though.

Ricki said...

A fabulous work!