Monday, December 28, 2009

Cornered Up

I completed the corner last week, and part eleven.  It leaves me still one part behind, nearly two, since this week marks the end of the month, but it -is- progress!  When I finish Weihnachtsmysterie and Julia's Heart, I'll be able to catch up more on my other stitchalongs.


Anonymous said...

What and where is this SAL? The pattern absolutley fascinates me. I have been watching your updates and I must now know about it?

Is the pattern available (in sections still?) Can anyone still join, Oh, so many questions!

Please let us know or me at least

Joan Robertson

ps: I have tried to find this online with no luck, all comes back to your website!

Meg said...

This SAL is through the Marquoir group on the German Yahoogroups site. You can see the home page of the group here: . The pattern's only halfway done, and one part is released each month, so you have plenty of time to catch up if you decide to join.