Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gaucho Festival Part 2 - So Authentic

Yup, laundry out right by the main circuit. 
And here is who was producing it!  Lots and lots of suds.  The festival went on for four days, so I suppose they had a lot to clean.
Children in traditional dress.  Obviously, they hated being there.
I asked for this picture of a saddle so you can see how different they are than the western and English saddles used here.  They put blankets atop it, and adjust in the middle for the horse.

Just riding down the main circuit.  Pedestrians made way for the horses.
For just this reason ... lots of horses passing through, some at a gallop, at the same time.  Miraculously, we saw no injuries while we were there.
Did I mention that they just parked the horses anywhere?


Jo said...

looks great, I'd have love to have been there. Think I prefer my saddle for the horse though!

Meg said...

It was fun... and yes, I agree with you. Those saddles have -no- padding!