Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Winnings from Gone Stitching and Weeks Dye Works

It's here!  The very first time I listened to Gone Stitching's blogcast, back in March, I entered the competition.  And the next week, I won!  I was soooo surprised!  It took over three months to get here, but it's HUGE and wonderful!  They originally said it would be pearl cotton for use in needlepoint, but I got much more than that.  I didn't know that Weeks had so many products.  I'm so thrilled! 

So, here's an inventory, sort of: pearl cotton in sizes 3, 5 and 8; embroidery floss in two strand, three strand, and six strand colors; quilting thread (wow, something I never knew they had!); wool fabric, and a very nice twill - which isn't even on their product page.  It feels great.  Anyway, I love, love. love this and cannot thank Weeks Dye Works and Gone Stitching enough. 

I've already used some of the size 5 pearl in a temari, which I'll show pictures of later this week.  It is nice and shiny and lays flat very well.  I've also started stitching two different things with the two strand floss.  It is very like linen floss in feel and has a matte texture.  One is a Debbie Draper mystery sampler from Sticklounge, and the other is the Punto Antico biscornu we're working on in CyberStitchers.  Pictures will follow later in the week.  I'll be using more of these things as I go along and will be buying more pearl cotton for sure to use on temaris and in my needlepoint.

Thanks again Gone Stitching and Weeks!


Marcy said...

WOW! You lucky dog!

That's quite a haul you won -- congratulations!

Meg said...

I agree, I'm sooo lucky to get this!