Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Very Early Spring Beach

Back at the end of September we took a trip to Punta del Este, the tourist spot of Uruguay.  Already there were people out in the sun and on the beach sunbathing.  There was a stiff wind and it was in the sixties.  Far too cold for me to not wear a sweater!
There is an island close by where the sea lions live.  Here's a shot of it from the beach. This is where the sea lions come for their meals - the fishermen throw their waste overboard.

 Some of the major hotels and apartment towers from the point part of the beach.  These are on the river side of the point.  There's a noticeable change in the water color between the river and the ocean, and it's right around the point.
A dog enjoying a dip.

Nice car on the street.
We saw these wildflowers on the shoreline.  They're low growing succulents, and I have no idea what they're called, but they're really pretty!

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